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‘…​I never claimed of splitting the party’

Vasco ​:

Congress Party has a glorious history of its contribution to the Independence of India and Nation Building. I am a committed worker of the Congress Party since my student days and I will never take any decision which will dent the image of the Congress Party or bring in indiscipline. It was my emotional outburst yesterday wherein my statement was misquoted by a section of media stated Congress Vice President Sankalp Amonkar.

I never made any statement of splitting the Congress Party. My intention was to express the emotions and feelings of the young workers of the Congress Party who have been at the forefront in raising various issues concerning the people of Goa. The youth wants that the Congress Party must come​​ to power and form the Government in 2022 Sankalp Amonkar said.

I have already met AICC Incharge Dinesh Gundu Rao and clarified the issue with him after my emotional media statement yesterday which was wrongly reported by the section of Media. I have also promised him that I will do my best to ensure that Congress wins the trust of the people and continue with my agitations and protests to expose the misdeeds of the BJP Government.

I am sure that the Party High Command will take all necessary steps to ensure that the Congress Party comes to power in 2022.


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