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Congress demanded Rollback of fuel price hike

Modi Government is cheating and looting the people of India by selling petrol which cost them Rs. 35.63 liter at Rs 93.80 while Diesel which is costing Rs. 38.16 per liter selling at 91.50 claimed Girish Chodankar while speaking at protest against Petroleum products price rise at Nevgi Nagar petrol pump in Panaji, Organised by St. Cruz block Congress Committee. St. Cruz leader Rudolf Fernandes, Block President Sushant Govekar, YC Block president Mr. Kliban Jude Fernandes, Prakash Salkar, Mahadev Mada (Seva Dal Pres. St. Cruz) Arshiya Inamdar, Vytorin Fernandes, and others joined the protest which was carried out in a unique way using a bullock Cart with the person wearing Suite along with Girish Chodankar and as a part of Nationwide ‘symbolic’ protest of Indian National Congress.

Chodankar said that the insensitive Modi Government is cheating people in the name of “ Acche Din” even when people are suffering due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Modi Government is collecting money from poor people on petrol which is costing just Rs. 35.63 per liter. Modi Government is charging Freight, custom duty, Basic excise, special duty, Agricultural infrastructure Development cess (AIDC), Road & Infrastructure cess, State VAT & other charges, which are added to base price of Petrol Rs. 35.63 and Diesel 38.16 to sell it for Rs 93.80 and 91.50. This is open loot,” Chodankar said.

He said that since Modi Government came to Power in 2014 Central Government has collected Rs. 22 Lakhs 70 thousand Crores, (Rs. 22,69,122 Cr) while State Governments have collected Rs. 13 Lakhs 11 thousand two hundred crores. (13,11,200 crores) from people of India in the name of Petrol and Diesel prices.

He strongly demanded to sell Petrol and Diesel at the cost price of Rs. 36 and 38 respectively. Rudolf Fernandes while speaking said we have never seen such a cruel Government that promised to strengthen our rupees. It has not only to weaken it but also weaken its people and demanded to immediately roll back petrol price.

Block President of St. Cruz Sushant Govekar criticized BHP Government for being insensitive towards peoples suffering during Covid and immediately demanded a rollback.


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