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‘BJP govt all out to destroy heritage & holy precincts of old goa’


The most corrupt BJP Government headed by Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant is all out to destroy the heritage site and holy precincts of Old Goa. This Government is taking forward the corrupt legacy of former Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar charged Congress Spokesperson Arch. Tulio De Souza.

Addressing a Press Conference along with Adv. Shrinivas Khalap and Royla Fernandes, Congress Spokesperson came down heavily on the illegal permanent RCC construction of ground plus one building going on within the precincts of St. Cajetan Church which is a Protected Monument area as per the AMASR Act.  Incidentally, this is one of the 7 Protected monuments recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Monuments in 1986 pointed Arch. Tulio De Souza.
He further stated that as per the records available two individuals named Manish Munot and Suvarna Suraj Lotlikar purchased this said property under two separate sale deeds on 8th May 2015.

Although the two sale deeds were executed these two individuals one who happens to be the husband of the National  Spokesperson of the BJP Shaina N. C., and the other who happens to be the wife of Goa Forward Party treasurer Suraj Lotlikar, refused to reveal their identity for a fear of backlash and continued to fraudulently obtain all the statutory permissions in the name of the original owners. It appears that this fraud is not only limited to a portion of the plot purchased by  Manish Munot but another structure will be constructed in the portion purchased by Suvarna Suraj Lotlikar which is clear from the plan attached to the sale deed.

old goa

The plot in question bearing survey no. 4/1 and old cadastral survey no. 35 of Ella Village is a part of a Largo of St. Cajetan where other important monuments like the Viceroys Arch Ruins and Viceroys Palace, Customs House, and an old public open space of the docks of the Old City.

As per the law in force, the ASI does not permit any reconstruction of new construction in the protected area. At the most, a repair of the existing structure is permitted as per the ASI letter dated 03/02/2020.
The plot in question also falls within 100 mts of the river Mandovi which is also an NDZ and the same criteria of only repairs is allowed. Here also the CZMA has illegally permitted a new construction Licence letter dated 28/02/2015

The Conservation Committee also issued permission for the reconstruction of a new building in total violation of the existing laws.  If one has a look at the cadastral survey plan, one small structure which appears to be a hut to store coconuts existed. A survey conducted by the ASI in February 2018 also clearly shows a small structure stated Tulio De Souza.

The dilapidated hut in traditional material of mud and tile was not even reflected in the survey plan till 2015, however, all of a sudden, the Deputy Collector through an Order, ordered a structure admeasuring 397 sq mt to be marked on the survey plan. The fraudulent act with the connivance of the Authorities was done with the ulterior motive of building a new structure at this protected site by those who purchased the plot.

In fact this fraud is clear from the narration of the ASI report dated 28/10/2015 and 18/03/2020.
It is shocking that the applicant fraudulently misrepresented the existing structures by attaching a photograph of one the existing house/structure situated at Parcem in Pernem as per Google Co-ordinates and clearly, this fact is mentioned in the ASI letter dated 18/3/2020

Its seen that this area being a Protected area as notified in 1968 does not come under the preview of N.M.A and its terms of reference.
Permission for repairs only of the existing structure was granted by ASI Delhi, without any changes to the facade or additions.

We appeal to the Government to direct all the Authorities to immediately revoke the fraudulent permissions and restore the Sanctity of this heritage site. We also demand that inquiry needs to be conducted on the circumstances by which the Dy. Collector ordered this non-existing structure to be shown in the survey plan.

An inquiry should be conducted and into this scam, all the people including the high mighty should be exposed for perpetrating this fraud at this sacred site.
Congress Party will write to UNESCO to immediately direct the ASI and the Goa Government to restore this site to its original condition.


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