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‘People are desperately searching Achhe Din’

Panjim :
Ever since Narendra Modi Government came to power in Delhi, they have looted the common man by increasing Petrol prices by 250% Diesel prices by 820%, and doubling the LPG prices charged Congress President Girish Chodankar while addressing media at the Cycle Rally organized by North Goa District Congress Committee at Panjim to protest against the repeated fuel price hike.

CLP leader Digambar Kamat, Delhi Congress leader Ms. Alka Lamba, North Goa District President Vijay Bhike, PCC Protest’s Incharges Altinho Gomes, and Amarnath Panjikar, Frontal Chiefs Beena Naik, Varad Mardolkar, Shankar Kirlapalkar, Naushad Chaudhary, NGDC president Joe Dias, Janardhan Bhandari, Tulio D’Souza, Rudolf Fernandes, Sudhir Kandolkar, Social media in charge Himanshu Tivrekar, District Office Bearers, Block Presidents & others participated in the protests in large numbers.

Congress President Girish Chodankar said, last 7 years BJP has looted Common-man by collecting taxes of Rs. 35,80,000 Cr and Rs. 4 lakh Crores through Road & Infrastructure tax on fuel. Government should bring down fuel prices to Rs. 35 per liter which is the cost price of Petrol & Diesel.

CLP Leader Digambar Kamat while speaking said, BJP had promised Achhe Din but people are desperately searching Achhe Din. He also demanded that Petrol & Diesel prices should be brought down to Rs. 60 per liter as promised by Goa BJP in 2012. He said Common Men is suffering today due to unbearable inflation. He urged people to remember harassment by Modi Government for last 7 years while voting in the assembly elections.

Delhi Congress leaders while participating in the protest said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has asked us to fight on streets against loot by BJP Government. She demanded that Modi Government must remove excise on Fuel and bring it under GST. She said Congress will continue to fight in behalf of the people of India.

North Goa District President Vijay Bhike said Modi Government has cheated the people of India in the name of Achhe Din. All BJP leaders who were protesting during Congress rule have gone hiding today.

Congress leaders today protested in the city by riding Cycles from PCC office to KTC Bus stand. Party workers joined protests using various anti-Modi, anti Fuel price hike slogans, placards, and banners.


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