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‘If ‘this’ is ‘political tourism’, then Rahul Gandhi will do it again and again’

Margao :

The BJP Government in Goa failed to provide Social and Financial Security to the Goans in last ten years. The insensitive BJP Governments compelled Goans to face financial emergency by pushing the State into bankruptcy. BJP Government failed to listen to the sentiments and emotions of the people. If listening to Sufferings of the People, Respecting Martyrs and Addressing Congress Workers is “Political Tourism”, our Leader Rahul Gandhi will do it again and again charged Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat.

Reacting to the comments made by the Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant and other leaders of the BJP who had termed the visit of Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi as Political Tourism, Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat charged BJP Government for its failures to listen to the voice of the people, thus in a way compelling Rahul Gandhi to visit them and listen to their grievances.

Congress Party was established much before the irresponsible BJP Leaders making irresponsible statements now were even born. All of them must read the history books before making any such statements. Congress Party has actively contributed in Goa Liberation Movement, Opinion Poll, granting Statehood to Goa, giving Official Language status to Konkani and including it in the 8th schedule of the constitution. Goa has always remained near and dear to the Congress Party stated Digambar Kamat.

Our National Leaders have always respected the sentiments and emotions of the People of Goa. Our National President Smt. Sonia Gandhi allowed me to scrap the three Special Economic Zones (SEZ) respecting the sentiments of the Goans. Our Leader Rahul Gandhi has now committed to the people to scrap the Three Linear Project and stop Goa getting converted into a Coal Hub. We always fulfilled our promises and continue to do so in the future Digambar Kamat said.

Goans were promised petrol at Rs. 60 per litre, 50 thousand jobs, special status and safety to women by the BJP Leaders in 2012. They assured Goans to fulfil their promises again in 2017. They are repeatedly assuring to start the mining in Goa. Unfortunately, all these promises have turned out to be “Jumlas” with every Goan facing hardships for their livelihood.

The Chief Minister did not term the visits of the BJP Leaders as Political Tourism because in reality all the BJP Leaders who visited Goa in last ten years for “Political Propaganda” came to enjoy at the cost of Goan tax payers money as most of them were hosted by the BJP Government in Goa charged Digambar Kamat. He thanked the Chief Minister for acknowledging that the visit of Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi contributed in boosting tourism industry in Goa.


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