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‘Nadda Must speak on Mhadei, CZMP, Mining & Unemployment’

Panaji​ :
​​As the flagless mast at Atal Setu and damaged side ropes of flag mast opposite Adil Shah Palace welcomed the BJP national president J P Nadda today in Panjim, the fake nationalism of the BJP stands completely exposed charged Congress spokesperson Adv. Shriniwas Khalap.

It is sad that the BJP Government has no time to place the Indian Tricolour on the flag mast near Atal Setu and repair the damaged side ropes of the flag mast opposite Adil Shah Palace. Months have passed since both venues have remained in sorry state of condition pointed Adv. Shriniwas Khalap.

Unfortunately, the same BJP Government has used the money & muscle power to erect hoardings, cut-outs of J P Nadda and display their party flags all over the route of their national president’s travel.

BJP always tried to divert the attention of the people from core issues by bringing in their fake narrative of nationalism. We want BJP national president to speak on the misdeeds of their Government on Mhadei, Three Linear Projects, CZMP, Mining, and Unemployment demanded Adv. Shriniwas Khalap.

BJP national president must answer to the people of Goa why their governments sold our Mother Mhadei to Karnataka? Why they want to destroy the environment, forest and wildlife to convert Goa into Coal Hub? Why do they want to illegally prepare CZMP and hand over Goa to PM Modi’s Crony Club? Where are the jobs promised for Goans by the BJP in 2012? Why BJP failed to start mining after late Manohar Parrikar stopped it in 2012? demanded Congress spokesman.

BJP Government in Goa murdered almost 200 Covid patients in Goa by stopping their oxygen supply, thus snatching their constitutional Right to Live. The events of “Taali Bajaav-Thaali Bajaav- Diya Jalaav” resulted in Goa losing almost 3000 plus lives due to the complete unpreparedness of BJP governments. We demand J P Nadda must apologize to the People of Goa.

Goa wants to know why Fuel Prices have touched Rs.100 per litre when their own government had announced to cap it at Rs.60 per liter. BJP president J P Nadda must dare to speak on these core issues concerning the livelihood of Goans and Identity of Goa stated Adv. Shriniwas Khalap.

srinivas khalap
srinivas khalap

I am sure, BJP national president will not have time to comment on these core issues. What he will speak is only on Jumla Politics and Fake Promises.


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