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‘Arresting us will not stop us’

Panaji :
We will still continue to stand by PG students. Under current circumstances, students cannot be compelled to answer exams in offline mode. Our demand is crystal clear that PG exams be conducted via Online Mode.Arresting us will not stop us, NSUI Goa will always stand with students’ voices.

Goa’s positivity rate is still highest in India, we have lost almost 3000 people due to this deadly virus. And GU wants to conduct PG in offline mode.

Many students are in home isolation and with their parents in hospital and in this situation calling them for offline exams is not right.

Also, transport is a big problem students changes 3 to 4 buses to reach Goa University in this situation traveling in bus is highly risky and there are high chances for transmission of covid-19.

As per the Chief of AIIMS Dr. Randeep Guleria third way is inevitable and it will hit India in the next 4-5 weeks, instead of knowing this why our Education Minister is quiet on this matter.

As an Education Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant should interfere in this matter and have a meeting with the Registrar and Vice-Chancellor of Goa University and come up with a solution in the interest of students safety.

Other States Govt is preparing how to stop the third wave and here CM and Goa University is preparing how to start the third wave from these offline exams.

Top Ranked University like Banaras Hindu university whose rank is 3rd in-country is conducting PG exams in online mode, then why Goa university whose rank is 81st in the county is forcing the students to answer in offline mode. What does GU want to prove from this offline exam?

This is not the time to think about heights Academic standard, this is the time to think about how to keep students safe and alive.



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